The Inspirational, Heart-wrenching Story of the Woman Behind the Viral Mugshots known as ‘Downward Spiral

Produced & Directed by Jamie Saari Crawford, Founder of 


You can help us complete this documentary by volunteering your skills, expertise and talent to the documentary. All donors will receive full recognition on this website and in the documentary’s final rolling credits. We specifically need help in the following areas:

Private Investigators: Do you have experience and knowledge on how to find children given up for adoption (closed adoption) in the Boston, MA area in the 1970s? We are searching for her daughter and have many details we can provide to the person we select to help us find her. We will also need a private investigator to help us locate people and confirm information as the documentary progresses.

Musicians, Composers, Music Producers: Have you written a powerful piece of music you would like us to consider for the documentary’s soundtrack? Are you a talented musician with access/use of a professional studio with equipment and software for recording and producing?  We already have our theme song for the documentary – a haunting song called ‘Spirit Mother’ that was written specifically about the woman in the photographs. We would like to the song to be re-produced adding strings, haunting sound. Are you in the music industry with connections to ‘Elle King’? We would like to reach out to her and her management company to receive permission to donate the use her song ‘Kocaine Karolina’ to the documentary’s soundtrack.

Animators & Motion Graphics Artists: Are you willing to volunteer your services to help create animated visuals needed for the documentary?

Audio Engineers: Are you willing to volunteer their services to ensure the documentary’s final audio in the is mixed to perfection and fully ready for the big screen.

Police Officers & Security Companies in New York City: Our film crew will be going into some unsafe neighborhoods in New York City and need security to keep us safe in neighborhoods we otherwise would not be able to film in, for safety reasons.

Home Owners or Hotel Owners: Are you willing to offer the use of safe, clean and private accommodations for our film crew while we travel to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston or near Salmon River in Nova Scotia,Canada?

Certificates, Points or Air Miles for Flights & Hotels: Can you donate points or air miles for us to use to fly our film crew and talent to various locations within the US and Canada? Certificates for hotels and accommodations would really help as well.

Film Crew – Videographers, Grips, Assistant Producers, Audio Technicians, etcc – We can always use extra help when filming in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Salmon River in Nova Scotia.

Restaurant Certificates & Catering: Do you own a restaurant or catering company willing to donate food to our crew as we film in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Salmon River in Nova Scotia, Canada? These are the locations we will be shooting the remainder of the documentary at.

Monetary Donations: You can make a monetary donation through PayPal by sending to Producer/Director, Jamie Saari Crawford, is the Founder of Colorado Video.

If you would like to help by offering any of the above-mentioned services or items, please email me


Jamie Saari Crawford, Co-Owner of Colorado Video Production

Who is producing My Spirit Mother Documentary?

I’m Jamie Saari Crawford – a Canadian-born, former journalist now living in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. Creating this documentary is a dream come true and has been on my bucket list for many years.

I was deeply moved and almost haunted the first time I saw these mugshot images. They touched me so deeply I began a search to identify the woman in these mugshots in 2005, when I was a 29-year-old journalist in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

In 2005, I created this blog to ask for help identifying and locating the woman in these photographs. I have never been so bullied by internet trolls in my life as I was after beginning the search for this woman, but I didn’t give up! More than 12 years after posting that original blog (and hundreds of false leads and many hours of wasted time by trolls) a legitimate lead came to me by private email. Thank you to that person! You know who you are!

When I first contacted her, she thought I might be one of two daughters she was forced to give up for adoption many years ago. Coincidentally, I am close in age to her oldest  daughter, who she named Patricia, that she gave up for adoption in the 1970s in Boston. There have been times I actually wished I was Patricia so I could give her the closure she so desperately needs and fill the empty hole in her heart that can only be filled by finding Patricia. Since giving her two daughters up for adoption, she has loved them both and held them in her heart all of these years. Just recently, she connected with her youngest daughter as a result of the amazing DNA technology behind Ancestry & 23andMe. We are still looking for Patricia so we can complete the documentary. If you are a private investigator and willing to help us find her, please email me at

Since meeting her, I have grown to love this woman deeply and consider her like a second mother to me. She even moved into my home for a short period of time to help me with my children as I struggle to get through a stressful, agonizing and expensive divorce. Her loving, motherly nature is why we have called this documentary ‘My Spirit Mother’. The documentary’s name also reflects the fact that we are both of North American Indian descent. Even more interesting is that we both have American and Canadian North American Indian ancestry in our backgrounds! We are both proud of this and feel very connected spiritually. 


Our dream is to work together to create a powerful, inspirational documentary that resonates with people and inspires everyone to be a little bit kinder to others. I always dream big and aim for the stars. I am 100% confident that telling her story will inspire people and change lives. I have poured every penny I have into this documentary because I so strongly believe in it and need the help of volunteers and donations.

To give you an idea of the power of successful documentaries, here is a list of famous documentaries and the revenue they have generated. If we  generated this kind of revenue, we could build multiple ‘Spirit Mother Houses’ throughout North America and create endowment funds that will benefit generations to come.

Fahrenheit 9/11:  $119+ million

March of the Penguins: $77+ million

Justin Beiber -Never Say Never: $73+ million

An Inconvenient Truth: $24+ million dollars

We are unable to financially compensate professionals for donating their time and expertise, but all donors will receive credit and recognition for their contribution to the documentary on our website and in the documentary’s rolling credits.